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Our Neighbors:

The Barony of Vatavia (Wichita, KS)


The Shire of Dun Ard (Leavenworth and Atchison Counties, KS)

The Shire of Cum an Iolair

The Shire of Spinning Winds (Manhattan, KS)

The Shire of Lost Moor (St. Joseph, MO)

Katriana’s Home Page: great music and dance information, including a large collection of favorite post-revel and bardic songs. 

Helpful Links:

The Barony of Forgotten Sea (Kansas City Metro area)


The SCA Demo Page: excellent information on where to start. 

The Calontir Kingdom Arts and Sciences Page: includes guild websites, judging criteria, pictures from previous arts and sciences competitions, and lots of other vital information

T-Tunic: The Period Way: Very clear and easy to follow instructions on making the most versatile and useful piece of garb most of us ever own. 

Cunnan: lots of information all compiled into one place, both general and kingdom specific